Bulldog Speaks :What Benefits Are There For Home Based Acts, If They Performed For Free At The VGMA

The defense Charter House employ whenever they fail to meet the demands of Ghanaian artiste at the VGMA’s is—foreign artiste perform for free….so record executive Bulldog in a pretty lengthy letter tells them the difference between the two factions and gives P.R.O George Quaye a constructive advice on how to do his work.

Bulldog posted on this Facebook wall;
First and foremost Mr. P.R.O. regardless of what you and your outfit makes of foreign artistes, their brand names will be put to test by our home based acts any day with regards to our jurisdiction. So if foreign acts choose to perform on VGMA for free, its an added value for them to promote their brand and products in our beloved territory. This is common knowledge.
Imagine Grammy‘s or any foreign award scheme called on a ghanaian act to perform, obviously it’s worthwhile because they will be exposed internationally. So if they charged honorarium fees or performed for stipends, it’s advantageous.

11150223_436708749855168_5866555090608067175_nBut what benefits are there for our home based acts, if they performed for honorarium at the VGMAs. When evidently the Ghanaian artistes pays through their nose for everything but bad news.

How in heaven’s name, do you expect our acts to perform for stipends, in this off-putting and demoralizing industry. Besides charter house has very little or no cordial relationship with ghanaian artistes. The only time they are in the face of the artiste, is to engage their services. Not to say charter house should babysit artistes or call them on daily basis. No! that’s not what I am implying.

Imagine there are annual forums to enlighten the ghanaian artistes and help address industry drawbacks. A soiree for musicians to meet industry pillars to mingle and discuss the enhancement of the music business, championed by charter house. Now that’s building a relationship (free advice to sustain your business).

For 16 years in the entertainment craft, I believe charter house is in a position to lobby for international platforms for our acts, as good gesture or their little contribution towards the multiplication of an industry they benefit from handsomely. In truth they have nothing to offer as quid pro quo so why will the artistes bother. Or maybe they do I stand to be corrected.
In addition, the scheme must be credible to the letter and void of racket. It needs to earn the trust of ghanaian musicians and the industry it seeks to serve. Gradually it’s losing all credibility and authority.

Ignorantly and arrogantly, George Quaye grants interviews and compares wrongly, failing to look into what it entails for an artiste to render free services or take honorarium fees for award shows. Sit back and chew it over, how the likes of Jay Z and the Kanye’s grace award shows with their presence and performances. You say it’s a convention, and I concur. But please sift through on how that etiquette came about.

Photo credit: ameyawdebrah.com
My advice to my learned friend is to sit up as a P.R.O. and help foster healthy relationships between ghanaian artistes and charter house. He should make good of charter house’s marred image when he gets the platform, instead of worsening the situation by his exhibition of smugness. As if the rest of Ghana is thickheaded and charter house is a copybook.

Mr. P.R.O. you could have easily salvaged the Shatta Wale and Sarkodie situations. These are mammoths in the industry, and to undermine them, is to undermine the ghanaian music industry. I hope you will take my advise before a lot more follow suit and eventually lead to the total sag of your award scheme.
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