HELP!! ORAL ADDICTION! My Husband Can’t Sleep Without Oral Sex


Can you marry a man with an oral addiction?

As I prep for my amazing day at my amazing job I encountered a woman with a story so shocking, I had to share.


Different People, different Issues. If you are single, everyone is counting down to when you’ll get married.
When you get married, everyone is counting down to when you’ll give birth, when you give birth, everyone is counting down to how cute your baby will be, and how long your marriage will last.

Everyone is always counting down on everyone’s business except theirs.
And, some people’s business is ORAL ADDICTION.
Quick definition: An Oral Addiction is when someone who is addicted, hooked or has a fetish for sexual experiences that doesn’t involve penetration or canal sex.

This addiction stems from both emotional, psychological or physical reasons and can be dangerous to the addict or anyone going into a relationship or life-long partnership with them.

This lady, young and beautiful (no homo), was obviously at a very bad place emotionally and psychologically and the worst part was she wasn’t even considering leaving the marriage as she had nothing of hers to fall  back on. Plus the stigma of being an unmarried or divorced woman in this Western part of Africa was enough to make her endure her marriage, rather than enjoy it.
Here’s her story – Freely lend voice to her dilemma.

Hello 360nobs, Thank You For Sharing –

I would like to remain anonymous. My problem began as a joke because when my hubby (then boyfriend) told me he had an oral addiction, I thought it was a manageable addiction. Something I could change or control. The saying be careful what you wish for  is so true in more ways than one. I have always wished for this kind of relationship. One where we are both as adventurous and free-spirited and trust me it was fun till I stopped wanting the fun and just wanted the man.

We’ve been married for 3 years now. We have a beautiful 2-year-old baby boy and I  am pregnant with another. For 3 years, my husband has never gone to bed without eating me or having me get down on him.

Sometimes it gets tiring cos my head is already wrapped around the idea that this oral addiction has been transferred to me indirectly as well.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I had to secretly arrange for a girl every night for one year for my hubby to sate his oral addiction because he refuses to go down when am pregnant. He never has penetrative or canal sex with them, just head and blow-job which at first I thought was manageable; Better to have a man whose addiction you can control, or so I thought. Most times he invites me to watch.

Help: My husband’s oral addiction is killing me – (IMGS –

I am presently 6 months along with my second baby and every night for the last six months a girl comes to “eat” and be “eaten” by my husband.

I have never told anyone and I’m freely telling you because I trust you enough and I desperately need to talk to someone about this oral addiction before I lose my mind.
I love my husband, He is the love of my life and I can vouch that he hasn’t slept with anyone else besides me.
He never sleeps out, and whenever he has to, even if its just for a night, he always asks me to accompany him. Asides his Oral Addiction, my husband is a rare gem and I adore him and that’s why I am so confused.

I am torn between never getting pregnant again so I can just be available all the time for him. He takes care of me so any option to get a job is off the list. He doesn’t want anything to share his time with me and honestly I sort of feel enslaved to his desires.

When I think of leaving the marriage, I see all the problems and not one solution. I dare not even talk to him about changing else he’ll just ignore my question, tell me to call the girl (bitch in my mind) and get down to work on satisfying his oral addiction.

I’m beginning to think this oral addiction is a fetish of some sort for him. If you or anyone else can just give me a good, honest, executable advice, esp. anyone who has been in a similar situation it would go a long way to help me and my sanity right now.

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