Hilarious! This Barber Shop Advert Will Leave You Rolling On The Floor With Laughter (Photo)


A photo displaying a barber’s signboard urging people to patronize his shop has gotten people’s ribs cracked online.
The photo above has gone viral on social media and the reason is pretty clear.
Apparently a barber’s signpost directing people his shop, the photo displays really a very hilarious invitaion.
The word read: “Intanacional baber…Come and Cut Your HEAD Here
The obvious flaws in the writeup showing a horrifying distortion of ‘International’ to ‘Intanacional’ as well as the creepy yet hilarious invitaion to ‘Cut your head’ has got people talking about it.
“LMAO…This is definitely the signpost of the century. I will have to be bound hand and foot first before I can enter that shop” one wrote
Another commented:- “Man, is this is Barber! Wow…I can only imagine what he does on people’s heads inside his shop”
See Another Comment:- “Abeg free the guy joor. English no be the man language na. At least people understand wetin he dey talk. But the guy sha,na wa o. This kind of grammar fit kill person!” yet another retorted
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